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PEARL PRINTERS has the latest technology in finishing equipment. To compliment our printing, we have adequate capacities in cutting, folding, collating and sewing. No matter how large or small your project is, it will receive the highest standard of care and attention from our fully trained finishing operators, ensuring the result you want is achieved.

  Finishing Services
UV Varnish Liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. Environment friendly.
Spot Varnish The application of varnish to selective areas to create a highlight or contrast effect.
Aqueous Varnish A water based coating which is applied in the same manner as ink. It is used to protect and enhance the printed piece.
Film Lamination The application of transparent plastic film, usually with a high-gloss finish, to the surface of printed matter to enhance its appearance and to increase its durability.
Hot Foil Stamping A printing technique using very thin aluminium foil in a variety of metallic colours, such as gold, silver, red and blue. The metallic foil is released from carrier base onto a substrate by the application of heat and pressure from a metal printing plate which bears the image to be hot-foiled.
Embossing The process of raising, by an un-inked block, letters or designs on card or strong paper.
Creasing A crease applied, in a straight line, to a sheet of paper to allow it to fold easier and more accurately.
Die Cutting The process to give paper or substrate products specific shapes or designs using metal dies, that cannot be accomplished by a straight cut on a web press or a guillotine cutter.
Index Cutting The index cutting machine serves for index cutting on books, brochures and loose sheets in an efficient and reliable manner. The indexing operation is actuated by means of a pedal. The knives made of top class steel along with the rugged guides ensure precise indexing results. Special features of this machine include multiple locking in the knife area and easy handling of the machine
Gilding A term that applies not only to the fixing of gold leaf but also to the fixing of all other leaf or powdered metals to the surface of wood, paper, stucco, glass, metals, textiles etc. It also covers bronzing and lacquering
Folding The process of bending printed sheets in a specific area so the sheets can then be formed into pamphlets, brochures, booklets or any other type of product requiring this process.
Sewing A book made with a stiff outer cover, which is usually covered with cloth, vinyl or leather. The signatures in the book have been sewn together and then the first and last pages of the book are glued to the inside of the front and back cover. The spine of the signatures is not glued to the book.
Saddle Stitching The method of binding the pages of a section where the folded pages are stitched through the fold from the outside, using a wire staple.
Tipping and Gathering Inserting the printed pages, sections or signatures of a book in the correct order for binding.
Wire-o Binding Binding that consists of a series of double wire loops from a continuous pre-formed wire which are inserted into pages that have been punched with square or round holes.
Spico Binding Spico Binding is a method of securing loose printed pages using a piece of plastic with teeth that fit into rectangular holes in the paper. It is also known as plastic comb binding. Comb binding is somewhat similar to wire spiral binding.
Spiral Binding Book binding that consists of a spiral wire or plastic that is wound through holes. Also referred to as coil binding.
Microperforation Very finely cut perforated edge, designed to simulate the effect of a guillotine cut edge.


Book Binding StrengthPearl Printers (20)

PEARL PRINTERS has an extensive array of automated binderies dedicated to provide quality binding services to meet the exacting demands of our customers.

Binding Facilities
  • Periodical/Journal Binding
  • Hardcover and Edition Binding
  • Perfect Binding (paperback)
  • Saddle Stitch and Loop Stitch
  • Library Binding
  • Leather Binding
  • Sewing
  • Wire-o Binding and Spiral Binding
  • Slipcases

Saddle Stitch 100,000 books per day

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